Precast for Schools and Storm Shelters

Combining the savings from the construction budget with those in the long-term operating budgets produces a dramatic advantage. A precast concrete system is estimated to save between 5 and 8 percent of overall costs during the school’s lifetime compared to a similar masonry building.

A total precast concrete system saves money in many ways, both short and long term. The savings include costs often hidden within overall construction budgets and create advantages that continue to save throughout the building’s lifetime. These life-cycle savings help control operational budgets, resulting in lower construction costs today and lessened maintenance burdens tomorrow.

Competitive Construction Costs

Total precast concrete systems save by combining several components, both architectural and structural, into one piece. School buildings designed from concept with total precast concrete systems maximize savings by exploiting all of the system’s efficiencies. When projects must be converted to precast systems, they often have redundant systems and aren’t revised sufficiently to take full advantage of the benefits, misleading administrators about the true cost.

Fewer Trades

Precast panels inset with thin bricks or cast using form liners to resemble stone require only one trade. They eliminate costly and time-consuming masonry as well as six or seven other trades from the site. Load-bearing precast panels also provide an interior finished face that doesn’t require furring or drywalling after installation, eliminating some interior work.

Lower Costs

Precast concrete’s speed of construction can literally take months off the construction schedule. This results in less time to carry financial bonds, lower contractor overhead costs and risk, elimination of expenses for masonry scaffolding and reduced subcontractor costs.

Long-Term Savings

A total precast concrete system can help reduce insurance costs due to its inherent fire resistance. It also lowers maintenance costs throughout its lifetime due to high durability and a panelized system that minimizes water penetration. Its thermal mass enhances energy efficiency and sound absorption.

ICC 500 | Storm Shelters

Precast concrete components have an inherent ability to be extremely durable and resistant to catastrophic weather events. With the ability to prestress these long span wall and roof components, precast concrete is widely used when creating large volume spaces that are needed as safe rooms for both schools and communities. Most of these Safe Rooms can be designed to house both the student body and school staff in a single space, making sure they are secure and have safe egress once the event is over.